Kayak Rentals for Ocean Isle & Sunset Beach

Kayak Rentals for Ocean Isle Beach & Sunset Beach


This is one of the largest and most stable kayaks in the industry.  The Perception Rambler.  It is a full-on 13.5 feet of fun on the water.  As with all Kayaks we offer, unless you are skilled to ride waves and have done so with confidence, then you are required to be on the sound side or canal streets.  If you are Ocean Front, we will require a security deposit equal to the replacement cost of the kayak.

She is LONG folks.  13 feet 6 inches.  Has a deck height of 15.5 inches.  Deck Height means height from bottom of boat to the top.  Trust me that’s high.  The Perception offers for a very deep seat well, almost feels like you’re inside of a sit-inside Kayak instead of a sit-on-top kayak.  Molded-in handles on the the middle makes for easy carrying or you can use the handles at both ends to carry it.  The perception has an actual molded seat for a child which is a huge plus.

BIG 550lb weight capacity