New Umbrellas coming for 2020

Well, 2019 was another ‘learning year’ for us in regards to products.  We ventured into a new umbrella called a Morshade.  The Morshade Company owner surely marketed this umbrella to be sold but unfortunately had a terrible design.  They claimed the umbrella could withstand up to 30 mph winds, when we barely could get it to stand up to 15 mph without breaking.  It was a constant daily repair battle with those things and we are glad to have the season over.  We are moving to a new Umbrella that is heavy designed by us.  It will be 9 Foot Market umbrella, vented and with a valance but the support frame will be 12mm Fiberglass rods, mounted on a single set 2mm poll.

We listen to our customers and strive to offer you what you won’t find anywhere else, but we were sadly disappointed with the Morshade Umbrellas.  Our new Umbrellas will be offered only for Setup and Take Down, no drop off’s with these.  Should have pics shortly of these.