weather impact statement 2 for 6-23-23 WINDS & FUTURE STORM


Weather Delay due to winds and storm forecast.  Nothing is being set until after 10:30 to see if this storm may or may not develop as well as what wind speeds will be.


As seems to be the norm winds are being pushed with this storm.  At the OIB pier (see pics) winds are 16 to 20 mph and that’s already our threshold for removing umbrellas as we have insurance guidelines to abide by.  However, outside of the winds, the Future Radar (mostly accuracte) shows around 10:30 a developing storm over us.  Even if we set up umbrellas and they’re closed, they can still get wind under them and blow away or literally get knocked over from being wind buffeted.


We will advise more through our Facebook page for Cabana Anna.  Please visit that as we will update it accordingly throughout the morning to keep you advised.