New Premium 9ft Umbrellas

The MORSHADES are GONE FOREVER.  The manufacturer of those products really oversold them to us in stating on their website they could withstand up to 30 mph winds.  Such a lie.  Those things barely could do 15.  So we spent a few months designing our own and lucky us got a local manufacturer to build them to our specs.


We are so excited to have a local umbrella company manufacture a truly designated Beach Umbrella for us. It is a real marvel as to how well built it is.  Let me just share a few particulars.  The Metal Pole is 2 mm thick.  Doesn’t sound like much huh?  Considering that the majority of even the best metal poles barely are 1 mm at best.  The Fiberglass support rods for the canopy are 12 mm thick. That’s almost half an inch, that’s THICK.  We are using Sunbrella Fabric for the utmost in SPF protection as well.   We will be renting these as drop off with an anchor as well as Setup and Take Down on both OIB and SB this season.  We only bought 30 of these so stock is very limited.  Don’t snooze and lose.