Just some update on what you get from us

Hi Folks.  Every year we buy substantial amounts of new products, ranging from chairs, umbrellas, grills, etc.  This year, the tariff’s have finally hit and boy are they spanking us financially on every level.  Our prices have increased a few dollars here and there where necessary.  I do want to touch on a few things that separates us from our competition. Just look at the following:

a.  Been in business since 2010.  We are financially sound.

b.  We are a premium equipment rental company.  We buy quality named brand items that you know and trust.  Yeah, I know we’re only renting them to you, but would you want anything less?

c.  In being a premium rental company we offer a wider range of chairs and umbrellas:  Backpack Chairs, which by the way, we are the ONLY dealer who offers backpack chairs that also lay-flat.  Premium Beach Chairs that sit higher up and are also wider arms, higher backs and wider seat with a higher weight capacity too.  Wooden Loungers with footrests.  You only see these types of chairs at premium properties, yet we have them in our rental line up, and lastly, our strap chaise loungers.  That’s 4 different styles of seating.  Look at our Competition.  You will find them carrying only carrying 1, maybe 2 styles of chairs.

d.  Umbrellas. We have 3 different sizes of umbrellas.  We carry the standard 7.5 foot umbrella but we also introduced a few years ago 9 foot umbrellas and this year, our new premium 11 foot umbrellas.

The list just continues on.  We don’t want to be considered as being thrown into the same pot as all other companies here.  We SPEND money to bring in more selection and better products.  You can price shop us and you’ll find we’re a few dollars less on everything.  We even include the anchors with our umbrellas with all rentals.  My closest competitor is $57 for an umbrella/anchor rental.  Our price is only $50.

Anyway, that’s just a few tidbits of info. for you to feast upon.