Weather alert for Setup Services for 5-18-2023

NOTE:  Weather forecast today is for sporadic light showers, rain typically isn’t an issue, however the more concerning part is the high winds forecast.  Our insurance company outlines ‘for us’ as how to mitigate risks of high winds with beach umbrellas and this is outline on Terms & Conditions so customers know what to potentially expect.  Winds today and early this morning are forecast to be 19 to 20 mph.  The umbrellas can withstand that, to a point, but what happens is throughout the day, the movement of the umbrella being buffeted back and forth by the wind causes sand to leech down around the pole to the bottom and litterally ‘lifts’ the umbrella up throughout the day.  We drill our holes about 20 inches deep and 99% of the times we have little issue but high gusty winds forecast like today of upwards of 30 mph is what we have to err on the side of caution with to minimize potential damage to the umbrellas as well as if one should fly away, minimize risk to beachgoers in general.  We’ve all seen/heard the stories of people being impaled and killed by flying umbrellas so insurance  companies control us to a degree.

With that being explained, we are going to have to err on the side of caution today and just grin and bear it as we don’t control the weather and winds is always way more concerning that rain.  Thanks for your understanding.