Weather Alert for 5-19-2023

Hey Folks, yesterday the weather folks got the forecast correct as around noon, it just lightly rained off and on the rest of the day.  Today, we are not so much concerned with the wind but the continued forecast for on-again/off-again rain.  Rain doesn’t hurt the beach gear of course.  We just don’t want to waste man-power on something that’s going to sit out all day long and not be attended to, much less used.  Looking at the ‘future radar’ settings provided by WECT-TV and the time scopes formatted to their radar, today looks like another on-again/off-again rain day.  This system that’s currently over us will push off for just a little bit and then do a loop-de-loo and circle back onto us after noon.  It could just be heavy clouds all day or just like yesterday, on-again/off-again rain.  We are going to leave it up to  you to make the decision on how  you want us to proceed.  So we’re more than willing to setup your items, just please respond back to the text we sent to you with etiher:


Yes, please setup


No, no setup

Sorry that Mother Nature is not wanting to cooperate with the end of the week for us.